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June 16, 2005


Lionel Dersot

Juergen, thank you for a most informative blog. I am curious to read your views about the recent so called "focused attacks" on such corporations like MasterCard. There a a story for instance here at Reuters:

Where does Esphion fit into that scenario?


Juergen Brendel

Lionel, thank you for the feedback. You will find that the focused attacks you are refering to are out to install a single Trojan into the organization. They rely heavily either on a single, individual and not-yet patched vulnerability, or on a lack of user education (clicking on an e-mail attachment, weak passwords, etc.).

I think that these threats are best addressed by a good patch-policy, and good user education. The best anomaly detection software in the world does not help when passwords are used which can be guessed.

Well, that's true for the most part. There are certain means of anomaly detection, which can help even in those cases. You will see more about that in the future.


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